Contest Winner, Customer Cuties and a
Cool Resell... oh my!

Thanks for all your sweet comments regarding my Boutique Cafe interview and your patience while I recovered from the Holiday madness and took my time selecting a winner. Since all of your comments were so great I couldn't bear to pick one myself, so I left it all up to technology & chance. I went to and randomized the list and as you can see in the screen capture below, the winner is...

...Comment #12 which belongs to Amber. CONGRATULATIONS, Amber! Please contact me at your earliest convenience and we can chat about size, colors, styles, etc. for your custom-made appliqu├ęd tee. :)

Next, I wanted to share some sweet pictures I received over the Holidays of the most beautiful customer cuties all decked out in their MODKID. And I feel I need to restate that this is my absolute favorite part of what I do. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE seeing girls dressed in my designs and looking happy and "mod" ;) It somehow gives meaning to all the hard work I put into this little endeavor of mine. So, if any of you would like to share some pics with me, I would be absolutely delighted beyond words. :)

First off, we have one of my favorite customer cuties. This is Abigail and she is sporting a modified version of Copenhagen on the left picture and a modified version of Primavera on the right picture. Isn't she adorable?

Next, we have the gorgeous Ava celebrating Thanksgiving in Las Vegas, of all places, in her Copenhagen top & pants. She looks like she's having a blast, doesn't she?

And last, but definitely not least, is this adorable princess wearing her MODKID Princess dress at Disney World over the Holidays. Her mommy, Jenn, emailed me this sweet message that actually brought tears to my eyes: "I just have to tell you how much WE LOVED and everyone else that saw our girl LOVED your set. The pink print in her skirt actually matched Cinderella's blue print dress. When we went to the Castle for Breakfast and they took her picture it came out amazing! I used the photo on our Christmas cards."

Thanks to all you lovely ladies who sent photos of your girls in their MODKID. If you would like to share your MODKID with me, please email photos to and let me know if it is OK to share here on my blog. Thanks!

Finally, I wanted to share a resell of mine that is currently up on eBay. Cynthia of bellabebeco is reselling her ZEN dress at a really great price, so if you are interested, go check it out HERE.

Thanks for bearing with me through this incredibly long post. I just had soooo much to share! I guess that happens when you take a 2 week hiatus from blogging, LOL!

I wanted to end this post with some shots I did of my Sydney in our backyard last weekend. She is looking all posh in her new coat from Talbots Kids that she got for her birthday (courtesy of Uncle Sean & Alicia). :) Oh, and I have been having a blast lately creating my own actions in Photoshop... this one I call "Vintage-MODKID."



  1. Yay! Thanks Patty! I was just telling Jon last night that I needed to start looking at fabrics and stuff for Patty to design Emma's birthday outfit in May! :) I can't believe its already January!

  2. Hi Patty girl- you have been tagged:)


  3. Congrats again, Amber! So glad to be making this for sweet Emma! Email me anytime with your information! :)

    Wendy... thanks! Off to check it out! :)


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