Pre-Owned MODKIDs

Seems this is the season for resells. If you want to catch a great deal on an E.U.C. MODKID, better head on over to eBay right now while they're still up. :)

The lovely Lisa, from bumble*bumble, is reselling her Andalucia 2-pc. set, her Felicity 2-pc. set and her Cordoba dress... all in size 18M and seen below modeled by the adorable Ava...

Click here for Andalucia.
Click here for Felicity.
Click here for Cordoba.

And for the "bigger girls" how about this Berry Parfait 2-pc. set in size 3T offered by Angie, of simply*sophia, among a few other custom boutique resells? Her lovely daughter, Sophie, did a fabulous job modeling her MODKID...

Click here for Berry Parfait.

But if these resells won't work for you, don't forget I still have 2 totally custom auctions running. One ends in less than 24 hrs. and the other one ends in a couple of days. Click HERE to view all MODKID auctions.


  1. Lisa T.10:33 AM

    THANKS so much Patty for posting the resells on your blog!! Have a great weekend!! :)

  2. You're very welcome, Lisa! Good luck on your auctions. :)

  3. They are so cute!!!

  4. I just posted Miss Kay in the beautiful shirt you made her. Thanks again she loves it.

  5. Thanks, Erin!

    Cassi... WOW! Miss Kay looks adorable in her MODKID! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  6. My email wasn't working well. Yes you can post the picture on your blog. Thanks, It was my first high key photo.

  7. We love our Modkid! Thanks so much for posting our resell on your blog! I need to get it sold now that Sophie has out grown it so I can buy some more Modkid!

  8. You're very welcome!!! I wish you tons of luck on your auction and hope to "see" you again soon! :)

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