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I recently ran a bunch of auctions for my Baby Gassy Gooma modeling samples (off their current 2007-2008 Winter Collections) and this particular item did not sell. I don't know why, because I think it is TDF cute, but nevertheless I am feeling generous and will give it away to the first interested person who leaves a comment below this post, if they cover shipping + paypal charges ($5.00 for Priority Mail).

It is a White Cropped Corduroy Jacket with white fur trim around the collar and on the sleeve cuffs. It retails for $48.00! It is 18M size and it runs true to size. I do not have any pictures of Sydney actually modeling it because she was wearing 2Ts at the time they sent this to me and it was waaaay too small. But here is a picture of the lovely Chaislyn modeling the exact coat that I have here. Click HERE if you'd like to see more pictures. So, if your little one is wearing 18M (or 12 -18M or even 18-24M) this should fit perfectly!

And, no, I do not have ANY of the coordinating pieces for this line... literally EVERYTHING sold except for this lonely piece. But I think it would look fabulous with a plain white turtleneck and a pair of jeans... or over a cute red dress for V-Day. :)

***UPDATE: BGG Jacket is SOLD! But... If you are interested in any Gymbo clothes I do have A TON of EUC (pre-owned) pieces that I'd like to offload ... all in sizes 12-18M and 18-24M. I won't bore you all with all the pictures, but if anyone is interested, just leave a comment and I will contact you. :)***


  1. Oh my goodness! This is beautiful! My friends daughter would look absolutely adorable in this jacket.
    Hope I'm the first one to post.


  2. Tuesday9:49 PM

    awww man :P Just missed it. My daughter would be so cute :P

  3. Tuesday9:50 PM

    Well duh rofl....I totally did a breeze through in sheer daughter would still be cute in it, but her arms wouldn't be able to go down, and it would maybe cover her arm pits ;) LOLOL oops.

  4. Congrats to waterfalls*n*rainbows for being the first to post... and KUDOS on your speed! MAN! That was record fast! :)
    If you want it, just send $5 to my paypal account at and I will get this in the mail tomorrow. :) Please make sure your mailing address is updated in paypal.

    If payment is not received within 24 hrs. of the time on this post, I will offer it to the next interested party. :)

    Tuesday... ROTFL, my friend. Too funny!

    If anyone else is still interested in the Gymboree clothes, just holler! :)

  5. Thanks Patty! I'm so excited!!!
    I'll send over the payment right over.


  6. Payment has officially been received for thr BGG Fur Jacket, so that one is GONE! :) Thanks, Wendy!

    Gymbo clothes, still available... leave a comment with your contact info if you want to see them. :)

  7. Stacie7:38 PM

    Hi there...

    My name is Stacie (

    I'm a long time reader and my peanut Mariah is in 12-18 and 18-24 and I've been trying to hunt down some good gymbo for summer for a good deal! What'dya got!? =)

  8. Thanks, Satcie. I will contact you.

  9. Very nice white outfit and your model is so cute!


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