Thanks for all the emails, convos and phone calls yesterday congratulating us on our merger, new name and new endeavor. All I can say about that is.... APRIL FOOLS!!!!

HA! By now you've probably seen the flashing "April Fools" logo in my previous posting or on all the "LimeJaynes" listings on eBay or even in some discussion boards. But in case you haven't... well, it's true. It was a practical joke we cooked up late last week to add a little fun back into the custom boutique community. It's all been so dark & dreary lately... well since the strike in February. There was a mass exodus -- a few designers left boutique altogether, others went to Etsy or other sites. So we felt we needed to do something wacky & fun to sort of brighten everyone's day.

Hope you enjoyed the prank! Thanks to the fabulous Jaynes for being our "partners in crime." :)

Oh, and my 24-hr sale was a prank too... I want my money back!!! AHAHAH... sometimes I crack myself up (probably too much!). Just kiddin', of course. The sale was real, and OH MY GOODNESS, you guys really took advantage of it! WOOOHOOO! Thanks for all the luv! I *heart* all you guys so much.

So, in order to fulfill all my orders and retain a certain level of sanity (as if that was even possible) I have temporarily closed my Etsy shop until these orders are shipped... probably for a 2 week period or less, depending on how much caffeine my body can take before totally breaking down. ;) I did leave a couple of ready-made items up there, so if anyone is interested in those, you are welcome to purchase them since all I have to do is package & ship. :)

So... thanks again! And since I have a hard time doing a post without pictures, I will leave you now with my very first Blüm customer cutie! Thanks so much Christy! I just adore seeing pictures of Miss Abigail strutting her MODKID! Abigail is sporting the Blüm Appliqued Tee and the Blüm Raspberry Flare Legged Pants. :)

Oh and here she is showing off her navy & cherry banded tank and her navy blue yoga pants:


  1. That was a great April Fools joke. :) I don't get on eBay much at all so I missed out on all the hoopla. lol So who cooked up the joke?!

    The radio station here did a great prank and got soooo many callers! They said that "management" said they had to play like two hours of hispanic music a day (they are mainstream country) and they played a song or two! The calls were hysterical!

    I wanted to add that Abigail is so cute and she is getting so big! I need to get some updated pics of Emma in her last MODKID to you too. :)

  2. HAHA, Amber! How funny that must've been on the radio! Well, I wish I could take credit for that ingenious idea, but nope, it was all the Jaynes... we were just their partner in crime!

    OH, I can't wait to see Emma in her latest MODKID! Yes, please send some over so I can share!! :)

  3. This was so fun! Great sets too! OH, and...

    YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED! Check out my blog for information!

  4. Abigail looks pretty stinkin cute!! I love that line you made....very wearble.


  5. Well this is no joke-YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED!!!!! Check my blog for more details!!!!!!

  6. It was a rockin' prank! And way to go on your status as busy busy sewing bee :) Fabulous news!!!!!

  7. Thanks for visiting and for the sweet comments, ladies! And for those of you who just tagged me on the "7 Random Things meme"... just look at the previous post to this one... I just did it but it was kinda hidden within the post! ;)

    Thanks for the tag, anyway! :)


  8. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Oh you - you got me good on that one ! Great launch btw!
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  9. Hahaha!! You crack me up!!

    I did an April Fool's blog post saying I was quitting blogging. :) HeeHee!!


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