A tag, a feature, an award... and some Sex

... not in any particular order. It's a busy, busy morning here on the MODKID front. Lots of stuff happening, lots of stuff to talk about and lots of people to thank.

So I went on a girls' night out last night and saw SATC. **I loved it!** I won't give any spoilers here because I know there a few of you out there who haven't seen it yet, but I'll tell ya that I cried in 3 separate occasions. I wonder if any of you cried during the same spots. That was balanced by a lot of laughter though, so all in all it was a great flick! Oh, and having cosmos with the girls beforehand totally set the mood. :) Thanks so much, Dawn, Lisa, Donna and Kelly! I had a blast!!!

A huge thanks to the fabulous Beki of PamperingBeki for featuring my Etsy store in her love list! If you haven't checked out the feature yet, hurry on over there and scroll down to the bottom of the posting for a special deal from yours truly. ;)

Another special thanks to the sweet Katarina of LikeFlowersAndButterflies for bestowing me the Arte Y Pico Award. I am honored! That link will take you to the Arte Y Pico blog, but it is all in Spanish (the originator is from Uruguay) so if you cannot read Spanish, the gist of it is that this award recognizes a blog’s creativity and overall contribution to the blogger community. Again... super flattered!

So, now, I have to select 5 recipients. This is a hard one for me, because I have sooo many favorites and pretty much everyone in my blogroll deserves an award for creativity and blogging excellence, but I will force myself to choose 5:

1. Daria of Boutique Cafe (love ya, girl!)
2. Shawn of DoodleThoughts (a new read for me... fellow MMF designer)
3. Monica of HappyZombie (never disappoints)
4. Almost Mod... the Marimekko Blog (lots of great creative ideas!)
5. Caroline of JCarolineCreative (super creative and a barrel of laughs!)

WAY TO GO, Bloggers!!! :)

And last but not least, I have been tagged by Lisa of GirlIndie to list 5 unimportant things about myself. You guys are probably sick of me listing these random facts. I have done them soooo many times. So I thought I'd make this a short one and spice it up a bit (of course!) by listing 5 totally random *HEARTS* and 5 totally random *HATES* (I know "hate" is a strong word, so I only use it on special occasions). ;)

I *HEART* Sex And The City
I *HEART* Stephen Colbert
I *HEART* Chocolatinis
I *HEART* my wacom tablet
I *HEART* ceviche

I *HATE* green pepper
I *HATE* Country Music
I *HATE* wearing flats when I'm out with Jon or really tall friends
I *HATE* mornings (anytime before 8 am)
I *HATE* exercising

If you haven't partaken in this meme yet and would like to give it a whirl, consider yourself tagged. And please leave a comment so I can check it out.

So there ya have it... how's that for knocking out my blog to-do list all in one fell swoop?


  1. I'm so touched and so honored Patty! And gorsh... look at the company I'm in too!

    Taking a break from pulling weeds and separating my hostas - my glamorous life... and then to find you gave me this sweet award. Thank you my friend! Ok, I'm off to buy a bigger hat...

  2. thaaaanks pattycakes! I, too, am so touched and honored by your kind "award!" While Happy Zombine is off buying a bigger hat, I'm off to attach rocks to my socks so my feet stand solidly on ground!

    Can't wait to see your fabric designs!!!!!i

  3. happy ZOMBIE, not zombine. Where is my head? In the clouds?!?! ;O)

    Better get those rocks in my socks in a hurry!!!

  4. I love Monica from happy Zombie so good pic! I saw Sex and the City opening night which was craZy but losts of fun. The theater was sold out and I have never seen so many woman in one place at one time, lots of hormones in one place!!

    I hate mornings and glad my husband is the morning shift with the kids, he gives them breakfast and gets them off to school, I am one lucky lady.

    I do the homework and pick up after school!!

  5. Monica and Shawn.. it is so very well deserved!

    Ellen, thanks so much for visiting and for your lovely comment. Glad to see I'm not the only one who's a zombie in the mornings when my kids wanna eat & play. ;)

  6. You're too cute!

    I want to see that movie!

  7. We are going next week to see it;) can barely wait as the serial was a huge hit!!!!
    What a great selection of creative people....I was so flattered to put you in my list;)

  8. Amelia and Katarina... thanks for visiting! You girls are gonna LOVE the movie!!! Let me know what you think of it. :)


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