I feel like a winner today in so many ways. I went to the doctor this morning. It was my 2-week follow-up after that yucky procedure I had done (why do they make you wait so long to find out if you're dying or not?). Well, I've been given a clean bill of health. The results were negative (negative in a good way, not like that Seinfeld episode where George thought he was dying because he got "negative" test results! LOL!!) So, that's a relief! No more worrying... well, at least about my health. :)

But I also feel like a winner today because I have such great friends in the blogging community to help me with silly things like picking out a photo of myself that doesn't look like I'm birthing a fabric ball. ;) See! I knew I could count on you guys!

75 of you voted (WOW! I'm pretty sure that's my record so far!) and I received a few other votes via email & phone (since my family was voting right along with you guys). I tallied all the votes. I couldn't figure out a speedier way than the good ol' fashioned way... (yes, I know, I'm so high-tech!)

...and it looks like picture #4 of Sydney and picture #12 of me are the clear winners... with over a 10-vote lead on the runner-ups. :) YAY! Those were my favorites too, so they are both going into the brochure! Thanks so much for your help, everyone!!! (P.S. I also added a little cameo of #8 in the brochure, just because it was another favorite of mine and it got quite a few votes from you guys.)

And speaking of winners, I said that I would pick a lucky winner from the comments left on my blog, so I used the randomizer to get this nifty little list and it looks like #50 is at the top. Comment #50 belongs to Helen of missyluluboutique. Congrats, Helen! Please email me at to claim your prize.

I love that most of you really got into it and gave me some specific reasons why you love your picture choices. You talked about color, composition, product positioning, lighting, etc. and coming from the marketing industry these terms really speak to me. I've spent the past 15 years dealing with these issues and striving to create marketing materials that have great visual appeal, so I am glad to see all of you out there have an interest in more than just "pretty pictures." :)

So now that I have everyone's attention I want to address some Frequently Asked Questions. Normally when I get questions on my blog I try to address them immediately, either by direct email or by posting a reply on my blog, but lately I've just been swamped so I hope those of you who have asked these questions will visit again and read this.

My #1 FAQ:
  1. When will your fabrics be available for purchase in stores?
    Andalucia officially debuts at Fall Quilt Market, October 25-27. Most fabric stores will be placing their orders during the show and it typically takes a few weeks (6 or so, I think) for the fabrics to arrive. However, a few stores have already placed their pre-orders so they will be receiving their fabrics sooner than the rest. You can see 11 of my 24 designs up right now at Hancocks of Paducah and even place your own pre-order. I also know that Fat Quarter Shop has placed their pre-order but all they have right now up is a MM Fat Quarter Club, in which Andalucia has the December spot.

  2. How can I place a wholesale order for Andalucia?
    Please contact Michael Miller Fabrics directly at, T:212.704.0774, F: 212.633.0272. I have the color cards ready so if you need one to place your order just contact me.

  3. I'd love to sew samples for you for Quilt Market. Do you need any more sample sewers?
    Thank you so much for your offers, everyone. I am truly flattered and honored. Unfortunately, I do not need any more samples at this moment. We leave for Quilt Market in less than 3 weeks so all the fabric has already been distributed among my sample sewers and what I have left here is what I'll be using for my own sewn samples. I will keep you all in mind for my next fabric debut in the Spring of 2009... more on that later! ;)

  4. Where did you buy those dress forms?
    I purchased those adorable dress forms (Sara and Walleena) from a display company in CA called, Skyline Display. They have an eBay store, but you can also reach the owner, Peter Moon directly via email at or by phone at 213-792-3538 . They are great to work with and ship super fast. I love my dress forms!

I hope I've answered all your questions. If you have any more, please just leave them in the comments section and I will try to do another Q&A session soon. :)

Next up... a show & tell from my sample sewers! Beautiful stuff, check back in a day or two...


  1. The fabric looks gorgeous and your pictures are too cute! I almost spit coffee all over the place about your "birthing a ball". So glad everything came back fine!!

    You have totally turned me onto Hooverphonic. Wow they are amazing. We have such similar music tastes. :)

  2. Annie9:27 AM

    OH, Darn! I was out of town and totally missed the contest. Well, I would've picked the same ones everyone else picked, 4 & 12, LOL! They are beautiful!! So glad to hear everything went well at the docs... nothing like peace of mind. Good luck with everything you have to do in the next few weeks!


  3. So glad to hear that your results are negative-must be a big relief!
    Best of luck in preparing for Quilt Market-I know it will go fantastic for you!

  4. Yay ! - I won :) Thanks so much Patty !!!


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