The Male Perspective

Greetings and salutations! Today’s post is brought to you by the letter “J”, “J” for Jon. I’m Patty’s DH (Damn, oops I mean Dear Husband in Twitter shorthand) and I’ll be guest blogging for your reading pleasure. Patty is up to her neck in cut up fabric (literally!) as she is busting her butt to get the next set of MODKID patterns done. And lucky for me, I’ve been getting to preview them and trust me, you’re gonna like ‘em!

Let’s get down to business. We randomly selected the lucky winner of last week’s giveaway and without further ado its Elka who was #214:

Elka commented:
I LOVE your fabrics and patterns! I was just on your site to send the web address to a friend of mine who is looking for great fabric for some sewing projects she has in mind for her soon-to-arrive baby. Your stuff is fresh, cute, and beautiful. I am so thankful for designers like you that INSPIRE my generation to sew! - Elka,
A rotary cutter that looks like a compass, some grommets (that word makes me think of a character from Sesame Street), a Sun & Surf Tote pattern and 3 yards of Patty Young fabric are going out to Elka and thank you to all who entered and left such great comments. Elka, I would sew up the tote for you myself before sending but since I got a C- in Home Ec Sewing in junior high, I’ll be merciful and let you do the sewing yourself!

Now for some fun stuff. Back a few weeks ago at the conclusion of the WDT, we decided to do some R&R at the end of the trip. We settled on Ruby Falls as this was a favorite childhood destination of Patty’s family. It was a really cool place (and by that I mean cold, it was 50 degrees down there), so I’d like to share some pics with you.

Who wants a shower?

Call a plumber! The Earth sprung a leak!

Keep me warm Sydney. It’s freezing down here!

Cave Safety with The Buddy System - Family Style!

“All right Mr. De Mille, I’m ready for my close-up,”


That was fun! Is it time for lunch yet?

The tour guide told us that once we got back to the surface that we were deemed “survivors”. I think the hardest part of surviving was making it through Sydney’s complaints about being hungry for lunch. A tip for all of you: don’t take a 5 year old down a 1000 foot hole without snacks at 11 am. Do so at your own peril! All in all, it was a good time and something for us and the kids to remember.

I have just a couple more small items before I let you get on your way, so hang in there!

Our very popular pattern Frida has just gone into “out of stock” status but will be restocked in a couple of months when the next set of patterns get produced (Hurry up Patty!). We’ll let you know when we have them back in.

Also, I’ve updated the website with some new graphics and content reflecting Patty’s newest fabric collection, Playdate. Check out the new Home page and About page.

You’ve made it. You want a cookie (sorry I had to say it)? Well, I want one too but that’s not in my diet. I’m of the opinion that diets are self-inflicted torture, but I digress. Thanks for hanging out with me today and I promise Patty will be back for the next post.


  1. Lovin' the male perspective post!! You did a great job. Thanks for the fun update.

  2. Awesome job! I was completely entertained :)

  3. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Talking about your diet and its ban on cookies contradicts the post's title of The Male Perspective. Do you even remember what football is?


  4. Great job on the info/update. LOVE the pics of the falls. Beautiful colors even if it was cold. Cookies? Off limits for a man? Most men I know can eat all they want, including my own kids and not gain one ounce. All I need to do is read the recipe and BAM, it's on my back end. LOL Go have a cookie mister; you deserve it for such a great update for us.

  5. Anonymous3:50 PM

    I want a cookie!

    I like it that your give some of your views,
    as you have Patty all the time infront of sewing maschine, her blog and "in her fabrics" it's sorta nice to read from you ...

    ... let's "hear" from you again in the future ...

    Greetings from Luxembourg


  6. Great to see the other side :)
    Hi John!

  7. Great Post Jon, you are a natural at this ;)! Love the photos, the colours are amazing... and congratulations to Elka, she is a lucky girl!

  8. Great Job, Mr. J! Those pictures were incredible! And yes, I can imagine that being in that deep in the ground with a 5 year old without snacks would be a difficult thing. But, as I said, the pics are great!
    Thanks for filling in while your lovely wife gets the upcoming patterns ready. I can hardly wait to see!

  9. So nice to finally "meet" you, Jon! we've heard so much about you! heehee Well, as the others said, it's so fun to hear the male perspective in this otherwise female-dominated industry. You should visit more often. :)


  10. Oh so fun and funny!!!! Good job Jon! I'll send you a cookie. You deserve it. Meanwhile I will email Patty and ask her if she knew you had the password to get into her blogger account.... =D

  11. Good job, John! Patty will be proud ;) I don't think I could trust my Hubs to blog for me, he would end up posting about golf or fishing- ha!

  12. What a good partner you are and you have a beautiful family.

  13. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Patty and Jon...
    Thank you so very much for the amazing give-away. I cannot WAIT to sew up the tote and show it off to everyone. It will be a wonderful change to have something CUTE to carry around all my kid-stuff! =) You are so generous to share - Thank You!

    - Elka

  14. Jon, you are too funny and a great DH. We are loving your wife's fabrics in our shop. Keep her designing!!

  15. Anonymous10:47 AM

    When is Patty coming back?! J/K. Not one sports reference? So not like you?

    Alicia (Sean's better half)

  16. I cannot believe you were in Atlanta and I never saw anything advertising your talk at Intown. I am so disappointed, I can't tell you how many of your fabrics are my favorites and I never tire of looking at them. Ruby Falls is owned by an old friends family that I need to get back in touch with. Chattanooga was the best place I ever lived and I hope to retire there one day. thanks for your inspiration!


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