Let the Sneak Peeks begin!
Introducing.... NAOMI!


Naomi is the quintessential “beach dress”... casual, lightweight, comfortable and oh, so adorable! It features “shabby chic” raw-edge braided straps, a sweet ruffled hem, a cute little patch pocket with ruffled edges and a soft and comfy shirred back. Perfect for a seaside wedding, a family picnic or a casual trip to the farmer’s market, Naomi can be made in dress length or shirt length to suit your child’s needs. Mix and match your favorite fabric prints for a whimsical look.

Naomi comes in sizes 2T - 10 (girls) and is designed to be sewn with woven fabrics 44"/45" wide, like quilting weight cottons, shirtings, voiles, gauzes, lawns, linens and muslins.


You may remember my Hilton Head photos from a couple weeks back... the girls had such a fun time playing at the beach!

Sydney sported the dress version in size 6...


And Sophie wore the shirt version of NAOMI in size 10.

The raw-edge braided straps give this dress that sweet "shabby chic" look. Before we had a name for it, we all called it the "Sun Goddess" dress! haha


Now, how about some gorgeous inspiration images courtesy of my amazing pattern testers, Melissa Baker and Gina Neitzel?







Aren't they adorable?!? I know I always go overboard with pictures here but you guys don't mind, do you?

*** NOTE: This is just a sneak-peek!
Naomi (and all the other Spring 2011 sewing patterns
) will be available for purchase at the beginning of May. Retailers, you should have already received a pre-order e-newsletter this morning, but if you are not on our mailing list, please email jjyoung@modkidboutique.com to be added right away. ***

Stay tuned as many, many more reveals are on their way!!


  1. What a cute dress Patty! You've done it again! Amazing!!!

  2. OH MY, Patty! This is going on my must-have list for sure! I love it so much and can't wait to have it in my greedy little hands!!!


  3. Love it! Since I won't be allowed to make one for the little man...I would LOVE to make one of these in my size! :)

  4. Love this must have pattern! Super sweet! Can't wait to add it to my collection!

  5. So very cute! My daughter will like this very much. I am loving the sizing!

  6. Very cute, as always! And your girls are getting so big!

    Do you need an address to ship last minute stuff to SLC for Market? I happen to live here and would love to assist if you need it.

  7. How beautiful, they are fantastic once again.

  8. i can't keep waiting - sneak peaks of EVERYthing, LOL!

    those are some cute girls in those dresses, too!

  9. I am a beginner and can see myself trying this pattern out. On a side note, what model/brand camera are you using? It takes pheno pictures!

  10. great pattern, love the tie in the back!!

  11. Thank you all for the sweet comments! So glad you like Naomi! :)

    Funky Kim, thanks so much for the offer to ship stuff to you. I will let you know.

    Shalea, thank you for the compliments on my photos. I use a Nikon d700 and most of these pics were shot with my 28-70mm f2.8 lens.

    Two more reveals coming up today! Stay tuned!!


  12. ooh, i'm tuning in, as i don't work today - i need something fun to look at while i knit!

  13. WOW! Look at all of that! Each better than the last. Great job.

  14. Anonymous11:07 PM

    I love your new ribbons. So great for trim. They will kick a project right up into the realm of spectacular. Cynthia


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