Introducing... Kyoko Tweens' and Kyoko Misses'

This is the moment you've all been waiting for! Seriously, if I had a dollar for every email, tweet, FaceBook comment and random request I get for offering Kyoko in larger sizes... well, I could finally pay for someone to come over and tackle the huge piles of laundry that are slowly taking over my house and planning a coup... but I digress. Kyoko has always been our best selling sewing pattern and by far our most requested one to be offered in tweens, teens and women's sizes. So here ya go... your wish is my command!

First off, Kyoko Tweens'... it comes in sizes 8 - 14 and can be sewn with woven or knit fabrics! A million thanks to my cover models, Karli (age 12) and Sophie (age 9) for the beautiful photo.



And a million thanks to my pattern testers, Marie Villa and Gabriela Marrosu for all your helpful feedback and wonderful photos.

The woven version looks just like our original Kyoko, with the stripwork skirt and bias trim, but has added elastic around the empire waist to cinch it in when it's not worn with the Obi.


The knit version has a solid skirt panel, instead of a stripwork skirt, to minimize the thickness of the seams, and uses stretch neck and sleeve bands instead of bias tape.


Our women's version, Kyoko Misses', comes in a super wide range of sizes... XS to XXL!



And just like the Tweens' version of this pattern, it can be made with woven or knits, as you prefer. The shirt version looks so cute and comfy with a pair of jeans... doesn't it?



I had a TON of testers for this pattern because I wanted it to be perfect and believe me... they gave me a run for my money! haha I so appreciate all their input, photos and hard work to get this pattern sized and working perfectly! So, a million thanks, with hugs & kisses thrown in, to Marie Villa, Kristen McVane, Melanie O'Brien, Laura Westwood and Mary Abreu. I seriously couldn't have done this without all of you!!

Read Melanie's review of the pattern here.

How 'bout some tester photos?!





And I totally *heart* this one showing the Misses' and Tweens' version together! Thanks, Marie! You rock!!


So, there ya have it! Let me know what you think. Sizing charts and fabric requirements are on the site and everything is broken down by components as you've all requested.

PHEW! Can I sleep now? Ohhh, nope, I still have 1 more pattern reveal (coming tomorrow) plus new fabric reveal next week and some new products to share! Stay tuned...

Retailers: you can pre-order the new patterns on our website now.


  1. Wonderful! They all look so great! And having a daughter entering the "tween" stage it's a comfort to know there will still be cute ModKid designs for me to make for her! Thanks!

  2. Really, really cute, Patty. Can't wait till they are available! Love the look as a top, too!

  3. Loved seeing all of the other tester photos...these are such great patterns Patty! So excited about all the new things you're coming out with!!

  4. Annie1:05 PM

    ACK! I'm dying here! I'm one of the ones that pestered you for months (or years?) about this! I seriously cannot wait! That top will be my go-to top all Summer long... it looks so flattering on everyone! And in the Winter... the LS version! excited! THANK YOU!


  5. Adorable...LOVE the larger sizes on this, thank you! You are one busy lady. Thanks for creating such great fabrics and equally darling patterns. I love them!

  6. YAY! Thank you, all! So glad you like!! :)


  7. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Yeah!!! I was just getting ready to draft the original pattern up for my daughter. When will your pattern be available? Much easier to wait than to draft up. :-) I am going to have to get both the tween and adult... I want one for me too. Thanks!

  8. These new designs are fabulous! I really love them!

  9. Yes!!!! I love it!!!!

  10. Beautiful! I made the girl sized pattern for a shop sample and my teenage daughter is now so excited that I can make one in her size. Thanks!

  11. let me say that i LOVE that the bodice actually extends to under the bustline! I've tried on tons of tops in this style & they are always ill-fitting. Thanks for the great pattern.

  12. I just discover your patterns today and I love them ! I'm triying to order for Kyoko, Kyoko tweens (I have 3 daughters...) and Sydney... I hope I can receive them soon In La Réunion Island (Indian Ocean)...

  13. Is there someplace that gives a little more size information - I love the dress but want to make sure I can make a size that will work for me!

  14. Hi Sharon,

    Thanks for your comment. What sort of sizing info are you looking for? There is a pretty comprehensive chart that shows Bust, hip, waist and length for all the sizes and styles on our website:

    Let me know if you need anything else.


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