Sun & Surf Tote Sew-Along // Day Two

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Welcome to Day 2 of our Sun & Surf Tote Sew-Along! Hopefully you’ve completed Day 1 where we cut all the rectangles, stabilized our fabric, and cut the V shapes. Now we finally get to sew! Today we will complete the outer and inner pockets. Note: Use 1/2” seam allowances unless noted otherwise.

Sun & Surf Tote pocket

Place the inner pocket pieces right sides together and stitch all around leaving a 2” gap at the bottom long edge for turning. Clip all the corners close to the stitching without cutting the stitches.

Sun & Surf Tote

Turn the pocket right side out and press well. Topstitch 1/2” from the top long edge. Your gap for turning should be along the bottom edge.

Sun & Surf Tote pocket

Center the pocket on a tote lining piece and stitch 1/8” from the edge on the sides and bottom, leaving the top edge open. This will close the bottom gap. Stitch a vertical line 4” from the left edge of the pocket to divide the pocket in two sections.

Sun & Surf Tote pocket

Place one interfaced and one non-interfaced outer pocket pieces right sides together and stitch across one long edge. Repeat for the remaining two pocket pieces.

Sun & Surf Tote pocket

Turn right sides out and press. Topstitch 1/2” from the sewn top edge. Repeat for the other pocket pieces. This is the time to add any desired embellishments to the pockets such as ribbons or trims.

Sun & Surf Tote pocket

Place one outer pocket on one main tote piece with the pocket’s finished edge at the top and all raw edges aligned. Baste 1/8” from the sides and bottom edges leaving the top open. Repeat for the remaining outer pocket and main tote piece.

Sun & Surf Tote pocket

Stitch a vertical line 6.5” from the left and right edges of the main tote piece to divide the outer pocket into three sections. Repeat for the remaining pocket / tote piece. Doesn’t it feel great to see your tote coming together! See you tomorrow for more!

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