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Our dear friends, Todd and Paula, from Florida, had a baby boy in December and I knew immediately that I wanted to make something for them, a special gift that could be a keepsake of sorts. But since I don't do boy clothes -- and wouldn't even know where to begin -- I figured a baby blankie would be the best route to go in. As soon as I saw pictures of Everett's nursery, I knew right away what kind of blankie I would make. Well, fast forward a few weeks and VOILA! I was so pleased with the result that I just had to share...

Ooooh... and yes, my little appliqued animals have all sorts of stitching running through their ears, feet and what not to give them a puffy, quilted look. :)

I enjoyed making this so much that I wanted to keep it .. hee hee... but since I don't have an Everett around here, that would be kinda silly ... so I think I might make a few more to keep. :)

Secondly, I wanted to share a couple of "prizes" I recently completed for some MODKID contest winners. Last month I did a podcast interview with the lovely Daria from Boutique Café. Well, Daria ran a contest on her site and gave away one of my appliqued tees, and I ran one consecutively here on my blog. Cassi, of Tiger Lily Boutique, was the winner of the Boutique Cafe contest and Amber, of Emma Cakes, was the winner here on my blog.

I made this sweet tee using Oilily fabric in "decoupage" style and embellished with colorful decorative buttons for Cassie.

She has received it already and blogged about it. :) Check out the picture of her beautiful daughter, wearing her MODKID:

Then, I made this one for Amber's adorable baby daughter, Emma. She has decided to add a few extra pieces to the set, so I will be shipping it all together when it's all complete, but I wanted to share her tee which I finished a couple of days ago...

If you like the look of these funky-deco-Oilily tees, keep your eye out for a couple of new MODKID auctions going up this week on eBay. ;)


  1. ooh thank you again. Miss Kay loves her new shirt. she wants to wear it everyday.

  2. I *heart* Emma's new shirt! I can't wait to see the whole outfit. :) I am in love with your baby blanket too. I tried to create one for my nephew last year and it was far from what I envisioned! I need to find time to sew more and practice. Anyways, thanks again!

  3. Awww... you are both very welcome! Thank YOU for visiting my blog and always leaving such lovely comments. :)

  4. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Beautiful, beautiful, Miss Patty! That blanket is sooo adorable and I love all the little animals! :)

  5. I love how you see things in fabric and create such beautiful things with it.

  6. Our package arrived yesterday! I love it even more than I knew I would...I didn't realize it was a courdoroy-type of material! It is so sweet and I cannot wait to take Emma to church in it on Sunday. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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