Working, working, working...

To the tune of "rolling, rolling, rolling..." (I'm sure that song has a real name but I'm too tired to look it up. ;) So, that's been the tune I've been dancing to for the past few weeks. But don't worry, it hasn't been all work and no play in the MODKID household... we've had our fun times to break up the monotony of work (which, as a matter of fact, it's not very monotonous in my book). We did enjoy 4 days of splashing and gorging out at the Wisconsin Dells, followed 2 weeks later by a few more days of skating, egg hunting and more gorging out (yes, we eat a lot when we travel! LOL!) in dear St. Louis. But now it's time to get back to business.

I've been tagged by two fabulous ladies that I love and admire deeply, Jenn of Take A Bow and Alla of My Little City Girl, to share 7 random facts about myself. Well, I was gonna take the easy (read: lazy) way out and just link you guys to some prior very similar postings, but I decided to turn this little meme into an opportunity to "talk business", so these will be 7 random business-related things. If you are looking for some wacky fun facts, like the weird things I like to consume or the strange places I've visited in my lifetime, check this post or this one out.

So, here we go:

1. All my hard work has finally paid off... I have been offered a fabric contact by a very reputable fabric company that I'd bet every one of you ladies who sew have worked with and all of you who don't sew but buy custom boutique regularly have received things made from their fabric. Oh, and believe me, it is killing me as much as I hope it is killing you to not be able to reveal the full facts, but I just don't know when it's actually safe to do so. I have an email in to my contact there asking when I can share my big news. I am not a secretive person by nature... I wear my emotions on my sleeve and have been accused before of "having a big mouth", so as soon as I am able to share, I will! Promise! :)

2. I will be attending Quilt Market in Portland from May 15th (my b-day!) to May 18th, so if you are in the area and would like to get together or if you are already planning to attend, please leave a comment. We are organizing a HUGE get-together of boutique-related ladies. This will be fun!! The ones I know will be attending for sure are: Daria (Boutique Cafe), Megan (BrassyApple), Chelsea (PinkFig and Vintage Chic), Amie (PrincessPicasso), Sandi (PortabelloPixie), Em (SugarSweetBoutique), Tanya (Bug-N-Belle), Michelle (Boutique Buyers' Blog). I think there are others but I am not sure if they are going or not, so I won't mention them here yet.

3. I would like to continue making my knit pieces and selling them either on Etsy or my own website (if that ever gets finished) even after my fabric line comes out in the Fall. I really, truly enjoy working on my Blüm line... yes, the honeymoon period isn't over yet! Of course, I will design a whole new collection with my new fabric line (which will most likely be printed in 100% Woven Cotton at first) but my next order of business will be to see if I can get a line printed on knits... my new passion!

4. And speaking of my knit pieces, I do have 2 new things up on my Etsy store. Both of these were special orders by sweet customers of mine and they turned out so cute that I decided to offer them to you guys.

The popular "Blüm Banded Tank" was recreated in navy blue / cherry red tones and I thought it turned out fabulous! How cute would this be for an Independence Day picnic, paired up with my Yoga Pants... YUM!! Check it out!

Then, the also popular black & white striped yoga pants were spiced up with a Marimekko applique on one leg and a contrast cherry red waistband with decorative buttons! How sharp is this?!?

5. I still dream of taking MODKID to the next level and get my clothing designs manufactured and sold in stores. Believe me, I lie awake at night thinking of ways and possibilities... did I ever mention that I have a serious case of OCD? Jon came home the other day and said that he spoke to this guy at work that has close connections to the clothing manufacturing industry in India (his birthplace), so of course that got me even more excited and my OCD kicked in again! LOL! Of course, with a child at home full-time and another one in school, it may be kinda hard right now to take off to India to meet with these people and get this thing off its feet, especially when I'm trying to finalize artwork for my fabric line and work on fulfilling my Etsy orders...

6. And speaking of fulfilling my Etsy orders... all paid orders that were placed prior to Friday have been shipped! YAY! I did a short mail run on Friday and a slightly bigger one on Saturday, so now I get to play with a couple of new design ideas! The new orders that were placed this weekend will be created this coming week and I plan to have everything shipped out by Friday if all goes well. Thanks again for all the Blüm love... I'm so glad you guys like them as much as I do!

7. If you are on my mailing list, you will receive a special announcement on Tuesday (can't reveal the specifics yet, but it will be a good one!). If you are not, don't fret, I will post it here on my blog as well. But it may be a good idea to join my mailing list anyway. I send out special promotions at times and offer FREE shipping. :)

OK... PHEW... how was that for an informative random meme?


  1. Kim McBirnie3:49 PM

    Congratulations on your fabric line! It's so strange, I live in an old rural village in Yorkshire, and I came across blogs last year during the UK June floods when it seemed to rain forever. I love fabric and sewing and was instantly hooked - and everytime something amazing like this happens to one of the bloggers I read the most, it just makes me so intensely happy. What an amazing global community - if only we ran the world! Lets sew with our kids, design from our dreams, and settle our differences over a cup of tea and a cream scone. Well done you!

  2. WOW, thank you so much for the wonderful and inspiring comment, Kim. Your quote is worth repeating or at least posting somewhere. I think I will print it out and tack it to my bulletin word so I can read it at least once a day!!! :) Thank you again!

  3. Patty,
    I am so supper excited for you and cannot wait to see you in Portland. I booked my flight today-woohooooo! Congratulations my sweet friend :) HUgs, Eva

  4. Patty - I am so excited for you! You keep inching one step closer to your dream and that is amazing. MODKID is going places! I can't wait until you can "spill the beans" and let us all in on your secrets! :)

  5. Can't wait to hear the news Patty! I bet you are beyond excited! What fun times with so much to look forward too!!

    A BIG congrats!!

  6. patty...
    i'm so, so happy for you. =)

    and i'm wishing i was a designer/seamtress who was coming to portland! what fun you all will have!

  7. Emma's yoga pants are even better than I envisioned! They fit perfect too. :) Thanks so much!

  8. Ooosp... so sorry it took me so long to come in here and show my appreciation. You will see in a bit what kept me sooo tied up for days! ;)

    Thanks for all your sweet comments, Eva, Jenn, Amber & Lovelyn!! You girls make me smile everytime.

    Eva... so glad you are coming to Market. Can't wait to see you again!

    Amber... so glad you love your new Blüm pants and that they were a perfect fit for Miss Emma! Wait till you see the cute stuff I will be listing today! :)

  9. Good thing I didn't take my company's offer to transfer to India, you'd have me running down contract manufacturers!

  10. That's right, Sean! You never told me about that! You sneaky snake!!

  11. Hey Patty, can't wait to meet you here in Portland! I am sure you will have a great time! And I also wanted to say congrats on your big fabric contract! That is awesome! Can't wait to hear who it is!



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