Minnie Mouse!

I just listed my Minnie Mouse costume. Custom-made in sizes 2t - 8. :)

I did a 5-day listing to give me enough time to complete it and ship it before Halloween! And NO, I am not selling the sample set in case any of you were wondering! LOL! This is Sophie's personal costume that she has begged me all year long to make her! She was soooo happy today when she actually got to wear it. She didn't want to take it off. :) I had to buy two of those Minnie Mouse heads... one for Sophie and one for the lucky winner of this auction.

Click HERE to visit the auction!
And, YES, everything you see pictured is included. WOOHOO!

Thanks for looking!
Tooting my horn a bit...

YAY! I was so excited when Shirlene of nanas*trunk*boutique emailed yesterday to tell me that Enchanted Forest was being featured on her awesome website, Kiddlins.com. If you have not checked it out, you need to go over there right now. It is a great place for designers & buyers of custom boutique. Kiddlins is a weekly weblog showcasing the latest handmade children’s fashion items. Check back regularly to find out what’s hot this season!

Then a few hours later, Laurie of *blowing*bubbles*boutique* informed me that I had been chosen as the Daily Featured Designer at the Designer's Notion Hideout. You have to be a member to enter this portion of the site but becoming a member is easy and it is well worth it as you can chat and get all the latest boutique-related scoop in The Hideout. :)

Oh, and this morning I woke up to find out that Amsterdam has made the eBay Pulse... in the Girls/Custom Handmade category... WOOHOO! I am not sure how they pick people to be on there because I've definitely had more watchers on other sets and not made it on there... so It is a mystery to me. If any of you lovely readers know how you end up on The Pulse, please enlighten me. :)
The Enchanted Forest

It's the name of my newest semi-custom listing on eBay and also, the title of LimeVine's mini-launch which starts TODAY!

What is a "semi-custom auction"? Well, in this case, the totally original and one-of-a -kind appliqued Anna wrap dress is pre-made and will fit sizes 2T - 5T, but I will custom make the 2-piece knit set in your sweetie's size. In the pictures, Sydney is almost 3 and wearing mostly 3Ts for size reference, but Sophia (who is almost 6) also tried it on and it fit well around the width but the length was more like a shirt... just below the belly button. It looks super cute as a dress or just as a top! :)

Click HERE to visit this auction! Oh, and don't forget to read through the sweet story! Jon wrote it for me. :)

Or click HERE to see all the Enchanted Forest listings by my super talented groupmates at LimeVine!

And click HERE to visit all my current auctions!

I have relisted Copenhagen as a ready-made, ready-to-ship set in size 2T/3T. Check the listing for measurements. :)

Oh, and I have received a few inquiries in the past couple of weeks about Halloween costumes. and I'm happy to announce that YES! I will have one this year. If your dd is as obsessed with MINNIE MOUSE as Sophie is, then this is the auction for you!! It is custom-sized (12M - 7) and will only be offered ONCE and it comes with some really unique Disney extras that will surely make your little princess stand out in the crowd! Look for that listing later on this week... it will probably only be a 3- or 5-day auction, to give myself enough time to recreate it for you before Halloween! :)

Oh, what a happy day! I just listed my last offering for LimeVine's SUMPTUOUS launch. This is a custom 2pc. set made with Oilily reprint cords.


Also, my mom has 3 new gorgeous purses for sale on eBay. She has gotten a hold of some Amy Butler NIGELLA fabric and created some masterpieces with them. Her starting bid is low, so grab them while you can. These will be perfect for the Holidays or all year round. :)

Click HERE for all MARIELIZ Creations auctions. :)
Double Tagged!

I hadn't been tagged in a while but just recently I was tagged again by Raina and Michelle, so I though, since I am in between launches I would take a few minutes to share some useless facts about myself.

First of all, Raina tagged me to share 8 useless facts about myself...

The Rules:

“Each person links to the person who tagged them. Then each person posts the rules before their list, then they list 8 things about themselves. At the end of the post, that person tags and links to 8 other people and then visits those peoples’ sites and comments letting them know that they have been tagged, and to come read the post, so they know what they have to do.”

OK, so... since I'm a bit of a rule-bender, I will do as above with the exception of tagging 8 people. This game has been going around for quite a while so pretty much everyone I know has been tagged already! LOL!

  1. I have moved a total of 14 times in my lifetime, spanning 4 different countries and 3 states within the U.S.

  2. I have almost a full head of gray hair but no one knows that because I color it dark brown (my original color) about every 4 weeks. I can tell by looking at my roots just how gray it is and it freaks me out!!!

  3. I have been told repeatedly that I look to be in my early-to-mid 20s (even though I am 36). Obviously, none of those people have seen me 4 weeks after dying my hair! ;)

  4. I have a horrible habit of biting my nails and I even bite my hangnails until they bleed. Yah, I know... GRRROOOOSS! The only thing that keeps me from doing this is a fresh manicure.

  5. I like doing daredevil-ish things to keep me feeling young and alive. I have been skydiving once, scuba diving several times and recently I went parasailing with Jon. However, I have no desire to go bungie jumping.

  6. I changed my major 3 times in college before I settled for Photography. I did get a Minor in Graphic Design too.

  7. I know how to properly construct a pinhole camera and made several of them in college, which I still have as keepsakes.

  8. Even though I sew for my kids or other people's kids almost every day, I have NEVER sewn an article of clothing for myself.

OK, hope you enjoyed those 8 useless facts. Next, Michelle tagged me for "the middle name game"...

The Rules:

"Players, you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had. When you are tagged you need to write your own blog post containing your own middle name game facts. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog."

So here it goes:

  • M -- Meticulous. About my work, that is. I am the kind of person that will take an entire row of stitching out just because it is not perfectly straight. I will also work for hours on a logo design or on editing a set of photographs until they are just perfect. It's maddening (hey, there's another M word! LOL!)

  • A -- Artistic. Art has always been an important part of my life. I knew even as a very small child what I wanted to be when I grew up.

  • R -- Romantic. I believe in love at first sight and when I fall in love, I fall HARD. I am also constantly daydreaming.

  • I -- Independent. One of the characteristics I am most proud of and one that I try every day to instill in my children.

  • A -- Adventurous. I am always up for something new and different. I love traveling to remote parts of the world, eating strange foods that most of my friends wouldn't even touch, and doing crazy things! :)
For those of you who have read all the way through this incredibly lengthy post... thank you for staying with me. For those of you who gave up after the first couple of paragraphs... I don't blame you! ;) So, now, I will tag just a couple of people... Kristen for the "8 Useless Facts" game and Eva for the "Middle Name" game. Have fun, girls!!!
Copenhagen is up!

LimeVine is celebrating Fall, and our new addition to our group, with a new launch titled, SUMPTUOUS.

As part of this launch, I just listed this gorgeous Euro set which uses a very RARE vintage European fabric. I can only recreate this ONCE so please bid accordingly!


And don't forget to check out my talented groupmates' listings! They are TDF!!! Click HERE to see all of LIMEVINE's current auctions!

Oh, and in the off chance that Jon will read my blog today... (yeah, right!) ;)

I love you, honey! :)
My Weekly Post

Yes, when I first started this blog I was updating it every day. Then I think I apologized once for missing 2 days or something, LOL! Now, I'm lucky if I can get in here once a week. Dang! Who knew that 2 kids, 1 husband, school, work, home, cooking, cleaning, driving, sewing & reading email could be so time-consuming?!?

Well, in the midst of all the craziness this past week, I managed to create a little masterpiece. hee hee. No, I don't refer to all my sets in that manner but this one, for some reason, seems a bit special to me. Maybe it's because when I laid eyes on this vintage European fabric, I just didn't know how I could cut into it... (even though I had already cut some small squares out of it to make this last year). Or maybe it's because the fabric itself seemed to have a history, or a presence, of it's own. It came to me as part of my MIL's vintage fabric stash that I inherited after she passed. I'm thinking it was a tablecloth at one point because it was hemmed on all sides and was the right size for a large table.

But regardless, after hours of deliberation, I finally cut into it and this is the end result:

Yes, I know it's just a tease. The auction will be up on Thursday, 09/13, (which also happens to be Jon's birthday) around noon, as part of LimeVine's new "Sumptuous" launch. I will post a link here when it's up.

I also wanted to share a very special resell I spotted today. A sweet customer of mine is reselling my "Firefly" costume from last year. Check out the auction because the costume has some very unique features, sich as light-up wings and silk flower garlands. It is full of sparkle and ready to ship to your 2-year-old. Some little toddler princess is gonna be the talk of the town in this super cute costume this year. :)

Click HERE for the Firefly auction. :)

I'll try to get in here more often than this, but I can't promise anything. Life just gets so hectic sometimes and I barely have time to breathe. I'll try to dig up some funny pictures and maybe I'll do my very first "Wordless Wednesday" tomorrow. :)
Sample SAAAAAAALE!!!I've decided to have a HUGE sale on eBay to take advantage of eBay's "no listing fee" promotion for items listed at $9.99 or less. So, everything I have listed in the past couple of days is priced at $9.99 or less... with NO RESERVE!! Yes, that includes all these gorgeous SAMPLE SETS... and some not even shown here... and more to come. :)

Click HERE to see all my SAMPLE SETS listed under the modkidboutique eBay id.

Now, as some of you might now, I also have another eBay ID that I use to sell miscellaneous items. I have appropriately named it *boostuff* because I sell a lot of Sydney's (a.k.a. "Boo") used clothes & shoes under that ID. I also often sell my Baby Gassy Gooma samples or extra fabric & trims under that ID.

Today , I am selling some gorgeous fabric. So if you are a seamstress, or an aspiring seamstress... here is your chance to get your hands on some designer fabric at a low price... I am accepting BEST OFFERS (hint, hint)

Click HERE to check out all my fabric deals... and don't be afraid to make an offer ... no reasonable offer will be denied! ;)

Also, under the *boostuff* ID, I am selling some of Boo's old Euro inspired boots & shoes that no longer fit her. Most of these were only worn once or twice for photos, so they are in "like new" condition. Check them out:

I will be listing a few more items throughout the week, so please keep checking!

Next week, I will be back on eBay with a couple of gorgeous customs, but for now, this is what I got.

Oh, and before I forget... catch an incredible deal HERE on an NWT Autumn Blooms Jumper from Confetti Kidz Boutique. This one is offered in 3 different sizes and she has started the bidding at $9.99 with NO RESERVE!!! WOW!
The True Meaning of Labor Day

Wait, what? You're supposed to rest on Labor day? Ah, I thought you were supposed to labor extra hard. Well, forgive me. I'm not from this country... I just didn't know any better. (hee hee ... I've been using that excuse for over 20 years!)

We had this not-so-little playhouse for Sophie & Sydney delivered about 3 weeks ago. The guy who brought it over on his trailer just dumped it in our backyard -- NOT where I wanted it -- and left. Of course, we didn't have enough manpower to move it until this weekend. It literally had the front door facing away from our house and it was at a really funky angle. So, what better opportunity to get this house into it's proper location than when we have 8 strong men gathered in one place? ... and lots of beer to offer as a reward! :)

Even the 8 of them had a hard time moving this house. I swear it looked much smaller when I saw it from the side of the road. And from what I hear, it is much heavier than it looks too. Well, I wouldn't know... I was busy snapping pics and laughing at all these strong men huffing and puffing over a little kids' playhouse... LOL! Oh, and you'd better believe I heard all the whining ... "I'm too old for this!," "I'm too out of shape!," "You'll get my medical bill in the mail!" Yeah, yeah... whatever! hee hee

It's almost there... just push it back a bit more...

Now, just a little bit to the right, guys!

OK, how 'bout we go a little to the left. I promise we're almost there! ;)

Once the house was properly located, it became the center of operations for our Labor Day celebration. The kids turned it into a restaurant, then a hotel, then a hospital... and at some point I overheard that there was a password required to enter it, so I guess it must have become some sort of secret spy center or something.

The next big project is to paint the playhouse. The girls are not quite digging the John Deere colors, LOL! Sophie wants pink, of course. Sydney doesn't care, but I'm sure she'd love pink. Jon doesn't want it to be an eyesore... he wants something neutral. So the trip to the paint store should be an interesting one. Somehow, I think I'll be the one stuck with the painting task. Jon has a pretty good excuse already to get out of it! ;)
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