A New Custom Listing
And an AWESOME Sample Sale!!

I just listed this fun, Euro-Mod 2-piece set for the Fall/Winter months.
It is custom sized and I have listed it with a low starting bid and NO RESERVE!!! :)

Please take a peek:

Click HERE to visit this auction.

I've also just listed all of my modeling samples from the Baby Gassy Gooma Fall/Winter 2007 Line. These are gorgeous pieces and are all NWT (New With Tags). They are all tagged as "18 Months", but they run rather big... best suited for 24M-2t. Just as a reference, Sydney was just over 2 years old when she modeled these pieces. If you have any questions about measurements & sizing, please don't hesitate to email me at info@modkidboutique.com. To expedite the listing process I did not take any measurements but I'd be happy to if you have a specific question. :)

Also, I should mention that these are all priced to move!! I have listed all of these at $9.99 or under with NO RESERVE ... which is just a teeny, tiny fraction of their retail value.

Click HERE to visit the BGG sample sale!
Check out the Baby Gassy Gooma site to see more pictures and the retail value of these pieces.

Check out this coat!

Sophie had the pleasure recently of modeling this incredible coat & hat set by the amazing Maria of Buddha*Belly*Babies. The coat is gorgeous and so well made and the crochet hat complements it perfectly. Sophie thought it was sooo comfy and soft because it is completely lined on the inside with this ivory-colored minky fabric. And I thought it was chic and fashionable because it is made with some of my favorite Nigella prints! ... you need to check it out! It is well worth the money and couldn't come from a nicer person. :)

Click here to see the auction.
The Party

After weeks of planning & preparation, we finally had Sydney's 3rd B-Day Party (and 2nd Annual Costume Party!) this past weekend at our house. Even though her birthday was a couple of weeks ago, we planned this celebration for when most of our close friends and family could be here. We couldn't have hoped for better weather... it was in the mid 70's, sunny and beautiful all day long. All kids came dressed in costume (and even a few of us adults were in the Halloween spirit!)

Sydney strutted her stuff in her Daisy Duck costume. Yes, I made the 2-piece pink satin set to match this cool Daisy mask from Disney. She was so excited about it and told everyone that came to her party that she was "Gaisy Guck".

We had cowboys, clone troopers, superheroes... and even Harry Potter made an appearance. We also had some cats, vampires and a NASA astronaut hanging out together. Oh, and let's not forget my Sophie in her beloved Minnie Mouse costume.

The "big boys" and "big girls" entertained themselves for hours by playing a good 'ole fashioned game of chase... little did they know that they will be doing this long after this party was over! ;)

The big girls stuck together and looked cool as they played "hard to get"...

The boys tried their most menacing poses for the camera while the girls (up on the hill behind them) taunted them yet once again...

And off they went...

And where was the birthday girl during "the chase"? Sydney was content just playing in her sand box... joined every now & then by a couple of our "younger guests"...

And of course, I couldn't host a Halloween-themed party without partaking in the dress-up fun, so here is yours truly in my cool witch's hat posing with my future sister-in-law, Alicia, in her dark angel get-up. :)

Sydney got to blow candles on yet another cake... this time not with melted icing. And nope, I didn't make this one... it was a purchased cake. :)

A Sophisticated Owl

I just listed this 1960's MOD-Inspired 6-piece custom set for LimeVine's WRAPPED UP launch that begins today. This set will be recreated in you choice of sizes from 12M - 6X and will come with a wrapped up, matching surprise item for your little one.

Due to the limited availability of these fabrics, this will only be offered as a custom ONCE, so please bid accordingly. :)

Click HERE to check out this auction.

Click HERE to see all of LimeVine's auctions.
Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding!
We have a Winner!!!

First and foremost, I'd like to thank all of you who played the 80's Music Game in celebration of my 100th Post here on my blog. And thanks for sticking with me this long! It's been a fun journey. :)

Well, it didn't seem like anyone was gonna guess my favorite song, so last night I gave a "small hint" ... or so I though. But the next person to comment actually guessed it! Cool!

This is my favorite 80's Pop song:

I still have to sing along every time I hear it and it's one of my most played songs on my iPod.

So, congratulations to Jodi of Ruggi28 wh
o said... "Is it "One night in Bangkok"???" Jodi, please get in contact with me at your earliest convenience to claim your prize. You can choose between an appliqued tee in sizes 12M - 8 or an crafter's delight care package put together by yours truly out of things from my collection. :) Email me at info@modkidboutique.com

And since we all seem to be in the 80's mood, I will share with you my two runner up favorite videos. I absolutely LOVE both of these songs!!! (and I'm so surprised none of you mentioned them. Well, maybe I'm just weird! That's no secret!)

Madness was such a cool band... check out the lead singer's head moves! LOL!!!! (this is the extended version of the video... I though it was interesting!)

And who... really, who... did not LOVE this song??? vegemite sandwich? please?

Thanks again, everyone! This was a blast!

Oh, and I could not finish up this post without telling you about a cool launch that my group LimeVine is having tomorrow. We all designed something inspired by wrapping paper. Here's a little sneak peek of mine... check back tomorrow around noon to see everyone's designs. Our logo is over there >>> on the side bar. :)


Ode to My Baby!

Well, I'm not the poetic type, but I dedicate this here post #101 to my baby girl, Sydney, who yesterday turned 3 years old! It was 3 years ago yesterday that this little bundle of joy came into this world weighing a tiny 6 pounds 6 ounces, and measuring only 19 inches but with a full head of crazy dark hair (in that first picture to the right she was 1 hour old). Her mane was untameable for the first year or so of her life, LOL!

She was the quietest, sweetest little thing you had ever met for the first 2 years of her life. She never made a peep, was not fussy, hardly ever cried or complained at all. People always told me that she was the perfect child and that I was so lucky! Little did I know that her quiet & sweet demeanor was due to the fact that I made the mistake of giving her a pacifier when she was just days old and that thing became an extra appendage quicker than I could have anticipated. We were worried she was never going to speak because she only took the paci out of her mouth to eat and then it was back in there.

Then one day, right after her 2nd birthday, we threw the last of her pacis away, and her inner Tasmanian Devil was unleashed! That girl has not stopped talking, screaming, singing, complaining or laughing ever since! :) The calm, well-mannered baby we once had became a DIVA with the biggest attitude you will ever see... practically overnight.

Today, Sydney is a crazy, fun, opinionated, bossy and squeezably cute three-year old -- one that refuses to go "in the potty" because... in her own words, "I'm just a baby!"

We celebrated her birthday quietly at home yesterday because we have a big party planned for the 20th of this month, when all of our friends and family could be here.

I made a cake... well... attempted to, anyway. I am not a baker by any means, unlike my dear friend, Sandi. I made a chocolate cake from a Pillsbury mix and then tried my hand at making my own royal icing. Well, it was a ROYAL MESS, to say the least! LOL! Everything was going well until I poured the mixture on top of a warm cake... DUH! (Martha Stewart I am NOT!) The stuff melted almost immediately and became a gooey, sugary mess pooled at the bottom of my cake stand. I did manage to shoot a couple of pictures before it completely dripped off...

See... it almost looks good! I added fresh berries to the icing because Sydney LOVES berries! And I sprinkled some confectioners powdered sugar on top. In this second picture you can see how the icing is beginning to melt off and collect at the base...

But the girls loved it nevertheless! Sophie thought it looked like "snow and candy." And Sydney couldn't wait to dig in.

She blew the candles and we devoured the cake instantly! It was a great day for all!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY!!!

Now, I leave you all with a funny video we shot earlier yesterday of Sydney playing with her new b-day present...

The BIG 100!

Not quite 8 months ago, on February 16th of this year, I entered the blog world with equal parts excitement and trepidation. I wrote what I thought was an appropriate "first post"... My 10 Most Favorite Things. Just a way to let the world of bloggers learn a little bit about myself. And looking back at it today, I still find those 10 things at the top of my list, so I guess I haven't changed much! LOL! But hey, it's only been 8 months! How many people change drastically in such a short amount of time? I just cannot believe that I have written 99 more of those postings in such a short amount of time! I'm getting a lot faster at them now!

OK, so here it is... The BIG 100! I would like to celebrate this milestone of mine by having a little blog game centered around another one of my favorite things ... 80's Music! Yes, I was born in the early 70's so right around the mid-80's I was all about the tight-rolled stone-washed jeans, the jellies, the fluorescent t-shirts (or fluorescent anything for all that matters), the banana clips, the feathered hair, the friendship bracelets. Yes, believe it or not, these fashions made their way all the way down to little Costa Rica, tucked away in Central America. My dad even had a t-shirt that said "RELAX" LOL!!!!

But with the fashions, also came the music. Who doesn't remember Devo, Duran Duran or Culture Club? Who wasn't a big fan of Bananarama or Cindy Lauper? And who didn't make out to Crazy For You by Madonna or Can't Fight This Feeling by R.E.O. Speedwagon? Are you humming anything yet???

Oh yes, and in the late 80's I was all about the "alternative" or "new wave" bands. I'm sure most of you remember The Cure, Depeche Mode and Erasure (I actually saw all these in concert). But even though I was on the "new wave" side of things, I was still exposed to the opposite side... yep, I knew all the lyrics to Sweet Child of Mine and Shot Through The Heart! Did you?

So... in the spirit of one of my favorite decades of my life, I thought I would play a little game with my blog readers. I will be giving away an appliqued tee in your choice of sizes from 12-Month to 8 years. I will applique this tee with some gorgeous Oilily corduroys that I have here in my stash. Sorry I don't have a picture to show you... this tee will be created especially for your little one! Don't have a little one? No worries. I know from time to time I do get comments from some of you that don't have kids, but I figured, if you are reading my blog and commenting, it must be because you either have kids and love to dress them in handmade boutique clothes, OR you are the crafty type and in search for inspiration or just some goofy fun! ;) So, if you don't have a little girl who would enjoy this tee, I will send you a little crafty care package. This will be a box full of little treasures that all crafty types would enjoy: some fabric pieces, vintage trims, funky buttons and a few surprises! So the winner will get their choice of 2 awesome prizes!!!

And, what do you have to do to enter to win? It's easy... just leave a comment here on my blog and tell me two things: 1. Your favorite 80's Pop song and 2. Your guess for MY favorite 80's Pop song. (I know there are A LOT of songs to choose from, but I am limiting this to POP, not Alternative or Heavy Metal, and HINT: it has NOT been mentioned here on this posting!)

I will close this game exactly 1 week from today to give everyone plenty of time to play. And if no one guesses my favorite song, no worries. I will randomly pick a winner out of all the answers. I just want us all to have fun with this! Next Monday, October 15th, I will post a You-Tube video of my favorite 80's Pop song (and if I feel up to it I will post a couple other too just for fun). And I will announce the winner.

So... have fun! Let's hear those favorite 80's tunes!!

Halloween is fast approaching and I had an idea in my head for a sweet little lounge set, so here it is. This is a short auction... 5 days only... and there is a Buy It Now option in case you want to get it fast, fast, fast.

I love these shirts... the O's are actually yoyo's made with tangerine dandy damask and the center of the O's are sweet black buttons. I actually made 4 of them the other night, but the pants are one-of-a-kind, so I am still calling the set OOAK. :) I have this tee ready-made in size 2T or 3T so you get to choose whichever size you think would work best for your little one. The pants are also ready-made... check the listing for detailed measurements.

Pssst... a little surprise will come in the mail with it. Your ghoul won't be disappointed. :)

Click here to see this auction.

Oh, and guess what!? This is post # 99 on this blog which means next posting will be THE BIG 1-0-0!!! I have some great surprises planned for it, so check back around the beginning of next week. Hint: think music, think 80's. :)
More Customer Cuties!!!

Ask and you shall receive, right? In my last post, I asked you all to send me some photos of your cuties wearing their MODKID, and today I was spoiled by a couple of super sweet ladies. First, a wonderful repeat customer of mine, Christy, sent me an email that actually made me blush. Oh my goodness, I am still smiling from ear to ear. And these amazing pictures were attached to it...

Thanks, so much, Christy! You totally made my day with your sweet Abigail!

And as if that wasn't enough to make me wanna jump back on my machine and create, create, create, a few hours later Angie of Simply*Sophia surprised me with these breathtaking photos of her little one, Sophie, wearing my Berry Parfait set!

Another blushing moment came when I read her email... what a sweet compliment, especially coming from such a talented designer as herself. If you haven't checked out her blog, click here.

Thanks, Angie!!!

Anyone else? I am on a roll!!! LOL!

Oh, and if you've made it this far and are still reading.... I just realized that my 100th BLOG POST is fast approaching -- boy, I've been a chatty one in the past 8 months! So, stay tuned because I will be giving away some awesome prizes to my blog readers. :)
Customer Cutie!

It had been a while since I received a picture of a customer cutie wearing one of my original designs. So you can imagine how I squealed with joy when I opened my email this morning to find these amazing pictures from my sweet customer, Stacey. Isn't her little one, Hannah, such a cutie? Hanna is wearing Petit Champignons, a design I created for the Joel Dewberry Indelible launch on eBay. Luckily, Stacey gave me permission to share with you guys.

This is by far the most rewarding part of what I do! :)

If any of you out there have pictures of your little ones wearing MODKID creations, I would love to feature them here on my blog and on my website. Just forward some pictures to my email address at info@modkidboutique.com
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