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I'm sitting here tying all loose ends before we take off on our Spring Break vacation (in just a couple of hours....eeeee!) and as I was answering emails and packing up last minute things, I thought, "GAH, I forgot to tell everyone about the Virtual Book Tour! And by the time I get back it'll have started already!"

So, without much further ado, Sewing MODKID Style will be making its rounds the week after next and stopping at the following awesome blogs in crafty blogland. Each blogger will review the book and give away a copy to a lucky reader (courtesy of Wiley). So here is the list:

Sewing MODKID Style Blog Tour
Monday, April 2nd, 2012: Wiley Craft Blog
Wed., April 4th, 2012: A Sewing Journal
Friday, April 6th, 2012: Pink Chalk Studio
Monday, April 9th, 2012: Melanie Dramatic
Wed., April 11th, 2012: Stop Staring and Start Sewing
Friday, April 13th, 2012: Generation Q
Monday, April 16th, 2012: Lil Blue Boo
Wed., April 18th, 2012: True Up
Friday, April 20th, 2012: Paige Hill
Monday, April 23rd, 2012: Boutique Café
Wed., April 25th, 2012: The Long Thread
Friday, April 27th, 2012: Sew Pretty Dresses
Monday, April 30th, 2012: Prudent Baby
Wed., May 2nd, 2012: Our Busy Little Bunch
Friday, May 4th, 2012: Fat Quarterly
Monday, May 7th, 2012: Making It Fun
Wed., May 9th, 2012: MODKID blog

Don't forget to check it out and leave your comments at every stop for 17 chances to win your own copy!

Before I go, I also wanted to share a couple of entries in the "Show me your book" FaceBook contest. If you'd still like to enter, just head on over to our FB Fan Page and share a picture of yourself, your kid, your pet or your favorite inanimate object with a copy of Sewing MODKID Style. You may shoot it at home, at a bookstore or on vacation. Get creative! I will be giving away a sweet prize (could be a bundle of knits, or a gift certificate to our website... or maybe both?!?) so, go on... show us your book!

Here is Laurie Folino of Gabby and Zack doing a brave balancing act...

Here are Shirleanne Sander's adorable girls showing us some love...

Here is Joey G., better known as Mr. Jona (Stop Staring and Start Sewing!):

The picture that started it all (my awesome sister):

And since I would never ask you to do something I wouldn't do myself, well, here ya go (stalking the Crafts sections at Barnes & Noble)...
Andalucia 2012
Back by Popular Demand!

'Twas the week before Thanksgiving and all through the studio we could hear a loud ringing. Christine from Michael Miller was on the phone and I would've answered faster had I known. She came bearing such great news, they took away the Winter blues. We're re-releasing Andalucia in fresh new colors, she said, and I jumped so high I almost hit my head. But here's the catch, she added, artwork must be turned in by next week, so you'd better get started. But next week is Thanksgiving, I shouted. I know it is, but you can do it, she noted. Adrenaline fueled me the following days, or maybe it was caffeine... and 80's music replays. I turned it in when it was due... I hope you love it as much as I do!

OK, a poet I am not (clearly)... but a picture is worth a thousand words:


Here's a link to the full collection on the Michael Miller Fabrics website. If you are new here, Andalucia was my debut fabric collection, 4 years ago now (boy, how time flies!). It was inspired by our honeymoon in the South of Spain so it is very near and dear to my heart. The original collection has now been out of print for over 2 years and apparently you guys have been requesting it non-stop... and for that, I thank you!!! Really. Nothing has given me more pleasure than to bring Andalucia back in these fresh new colors. Enjoy!

How about some inspiration pieces we've put together the last few weeks? (brace yourselves, I am notorious for sharing lots and lots of pictures on fabric reveal days!)

Sophie in Claudia-01


Sophie in Claudia-02

Sophie in Claudia-03








Phew! So what do you think? I can't decide on a favorite print or even a favorite colorway. But I would love to hear if you guys have any favorites. Thank you again for requesting it... it's been my pleasure bring it back for you guys! xoxo
(and a fun idea I just had)

Thank you all for the wonderful comments on my new laminates, the umbrella tutorial and the new Andalucia re-release (more on that tomorrow, if I get all my pictures done!).

The winner of the Umbrella contest is comment #40:

I haven't checked out the instructions yet, but I would love to have one of these for my little one. Love the dress too!

Congratulations, Pam! Please email Emalee at egrambo@modkidboutique.com at your earliest convenience to claim your new Lush umbrella! Make sure to send her your mailing address so we can get it out to you right away!

Now, I was messing around on Facebook today (because I don't have anything better to do, apparently) and I came across a fun picture my sister had posted of her coming across my new book at her local Barnes & Noble store. So, I came up with a super fun idea that will require all of you out there. If you are curious, go to our Facebook Fan Page and read the most recent post. Would love for as many of you as possible to participate. I am brainstorming a cool giveaway as I type this.

Also, if you haven't heard, it's time for MODERN MADNESS again at the FatQuarterly blog! If you didn't play last year, it's just like March Madness (with brackets and everything) but with modern fabrics instead of ... uhm... basketball? haha This year both Grand Bazaar and Lush are nominated and we are so proud. Grand Bazaar is up today, so please go VOTE VOTE VOTE!! Lush will be up next week.
Umbrella Redux -- tutorial and giveaway!

We've been having a blast with our Lush Laminates... coming up with projects left and right. First, it was the Paige rain slicker, then it was the Sun & Surf Tote (what a perfect beach bag this is!). Last week Emalee whipped up a few kid-sized umbrellas and they turned out SO CUTE that I asked her to write down the instructions for you guys. Just check these out!


The weather cooperated with us yesterday and we were able to capture some sweet outdoor images...


Sydney loves her new umbrella!


She can't decide which one's her favorite...


Sydney is wearing her new Gretchen dress. And if you're thinking "Hmmmm... the fabric on that dress looks vaguely familiar, but a little different", you have a keen eye for sure! The next time I pop up here on the blog I will give you the full reveal, but if you are as impatient as I am and just have to, have to know right now... well, then you can click here and see for yourself. :)


And, since I'm feeling mighty happy right now, how about a little giveaway? Leave me a comment and I will draw a winner for one of these adorable umbrellas. Winner will be randomly chosen next Wednesday, March 14th. Please leave us a way to contact you if you win... a clickable link on your name is sufficient.

Want to make one of these beauties for yourself? Click HERE to download the free tutorial.

P.S. We've just re-ordered more books (the first batch flew outta here pretty fast), so if you are still wanting a signed copy, your wish is my command!
Sewing MODKID Style is in da house!!!

I seriously can't believe it!! I keep staring at this happy little stack with perma-grin on my face. For a limited time you can get your own signed copy of my book on our website. And if you would like a special dedication in the autograph -- maybe you are getting this as a gift for your mom, sister or sewing BFF -- just let us know in the notes section at check out and I will gladly oblige. :)


Is one of these beauties yours?


Get them here while they're hot! And please come back and tell us what you think of it.

P.S. we've had a lot of requests about shipping these internationally and I promise, we tried, but the book is too large to fit in a Priority Mail envelope and if we have to ship it in a PM box, the shipping cost will be as high, if not higher than, the price of the book. Booohoo! But I do know there are a few retailers in Canada and the UK that are carrying this book. If interested in this info, please email us at info@modkidboutique.com
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