Blog Sale!

As promised, I've gathered some items to sell here on my blog. And since I save on eBay fees, I will list them at a lower price AND you receive FREE shipping. A win-win situation. :)

The first few pieces are samples I received from Baby Gassy Gooma that were never modeled or even taken out of their original cellophane bags... these are NWTs (new with tags!). These items will be available to you at a first come-first served basis. Either post a comment below or email me directly at I will accept payments via paypal to that same email address mentioned and items will be shipped to you within 24 hrs. of payment receipt.

First up, this adorable lightweight coat from their Summer 2007 "Oodles Of Poodles" line. It is a size 5T, NWT, 100% cotton, fully-lined in white satin. Perfect for those breezy nights or an indoor event. Sells on their website for $64. I will offer it here for $49.00 plus FREE shipping!

Second in line is this gorgeous ruffled sundress. It is tagged as a 12M but sized more like a 24M / 2T. Will easily fit a 2 year old or even a small 3 year old. Measures 20" from shoulder to hem. Sells for $60, I will offer it here for $40.00 plus FREE shipping!

Next I have these super cute bermuda shorts. I have these in a size 24M AND in a size 5T. 100% Cotton with black accents... very chic! These sell on their website for $40. I will offer them here for $25.00 each. Please let me know which size you prefer (24M or 5T). **UPDATE** The size 5 is SOLD!

And last but not least, from the "Oodles of Poodles" line in their beautiful corset top, which looks great with the bermuda shorts offered above! I also have these in a size 24M AND 5T. Sold on their website for $40. I will offer them here for $25.00 each. Please let me know which size you prefer (24M or 5T). Also, if you'd like to purchase the corset top & bermuda short as a set, I will sell them together for $45. **UPDATE** The size 5 is SOLD!

Next, I will offer up a few hairbows made by my friend and fellow eBay designer, Erika of Abby-Doodles. These were all modeling samples and worn only for the photo sessions. Erika's bows are perfectly sized, and beautifully made. I guarantee you will not be disappointed! :)

I will sell each pair for $8.00 plus FREE shipping! Just tell me which pair you prefer and if you want more than 1 pair, I will knock $1 off the second pair price. :)

BOWS "A" --- made to match my "Euro Funk" set from Fall of 2006. Colors: red, pink, orange & green w/ white polka dot. Attached to French clips. **UPDATE** This item is SOLD!

BOWS "B" --- made to match my "Fleurish" set from Spring 2007. Colors: dark pink, medium pink, white and lime green w/ white dots. Attached to alligator clips.
**UPDATE** This item is SOLD!

BOWS "C" --- made to match my "Serendipity" set from Fall 2006.
Colors: red, turquoise, orange, green & white. Attached to alligator clips. **UPDATE** This item is SOLD!

BOWS "D" --- made to match my "Framboise" set from Fall 2006.
Colors: dark pink, medium pink, purple and "denim". Attached to alligator clips.
**UPDATE** This item is SOLD!

BOWS "E" --- made to match my "Wild Child" set from Fall 2006.
Colors: dark pink, purple, orange, white & black with flowers. Attached to alligator clips.

BOW "F" --- this is a single "LARGE" hairbow made to match my "Sorbet" set from Fall 2006.
Colors: dark pink, light pink and lime green. Attached to a large 2.5" French clip. **UPDATE** This item is SOLD!

And last, but definitely not least, I will offer up one of my very own samples. This skirt was never worn (not even modeled) because I made it too small by mistake. I had to sew a whole new skirt for Sophia to model so this one has never been worn. :) It measures 20" wide at the hips and 13.5" long from waist to hem. The elastic at the waist has not been finished yet, so I can adjust it to your preference, but it will not go any bigger than 20" because that is how wide the fabric is. So mind you, this skirt needs to go to a very slim child, LOL! Probably best for a 18M or 2T but might fit a very slim 3T. I will sell this skirt for $25.00 and FREE shipping! **UPDATE** This item is SOLD!

Oh, and this skirt is a perfect match to BOWS "B" offered above! :)

Again, you can leave a comment below if you want one of these items. I will check it regularly and you will be able to see if you were first in line or email me directly if you prefer at THANKS and happy shopping!!! :)
My Latest Boutique Finds

Just because I'm a children's boutique designer, it doesn't mean that nothing else enters my kids' closets but my own creations. Every now & then I can be spotted at the mall, but not very often at all, and even less often I do splurge a little on some boutique wear from my favorite eBay designers. Case in point, I wanted to share my two latest purchases. Sophia is sporting a sweet little summer dress that Sandi from PortabelloPixie created especially for her. Sophia loves her new dress so much that she has already worn it twice to school ... and we've only had it for 2 weeks! Sydney looks adorable in her new my*unbirthday creation. When I saw that Dayna had made an OOAK in Sydney's size and sooo adorable to boot, I could not control myself. I bid and won and couldn't be happier!

Also, since I'm on the topic of boutique purchases, this is a gorgeous little 2-piece set that I won a few months back from Aida of annabella*designs. Her work is impeccable and I just LOVE those Euro fabrics! Sophia was the center of attention at the local kids fair in her new boutique set. Sydney was wearing one of my own creations... La Dolce Vita. Yes, it was the middle of Winter when I took these 2 pictures, thus the long sleeves and heavy tights... and they have their shoes off because they were getting ready to go into a bouncy castle. And... UGH! when I look at pictures of Sydney with her pacifier, it just makes me cringe! LOL! glad that's over!

Believe it or not, those are the ONLY boutique items I have ever bought for my children. I usually do make most of their clothes, plus we receive a lot of modeling samples, so it's very rare that this seller becomes a buyer. ;) Oh, wait, I did just buy a sweet little skirt from Dena, of LotoBlu, but it has not arrived yet, so I cannot share. :)
The Cool Desserts Collection!

LimeVine's new launch, Quench, started today and I have 3 offerings for it as part of a new series, The Cool Desserts Collection, inspired by my favorite summertime sweets! I have something for every taste here... some customs and some OOAKs. So take a peek! :) (click on each image to visit that particular auction, or scroll below to see all auctions)

To see all MODKID Boutique auctions, please click here. The other LimeVine designers have some fabulous offerings as well, so you should check them out! To see all LimeVine QUENCH auctions, please click here.
And the winners are...

WHEW! That was fun! We had 216 entries in the basket, and lots of you had multiple chances to win because every bid on my auctions was worth 2 entries and every winning bid was 5 extra entries. First, Jon put all the names into a database and printed them out for me. Some entries were just email addresses, because they came straight from my mailing list and other were eBay id's because we pulled them from my auctions. So I apologize in advance for the names appearing in 2 different formats below.

Then, Sophie & Sydney took turns pulling names out of the basket as I photographed the whole event.

So, without much further ado, I will begin to announce the winners (click on the pictures below to enlarge if you'd like to read the names on the cards). The grand prize will come last! ;)

A set of 4 limited-edition Disney lenticular postcards goes to mamigirlboutique. Congratulations!!! You are going to love these!

A custom-made lotus flower pin goes to emaglero. Congratulations, Dana!! These have become quite popular since I took a few with me to Salt Lake City for the "Girls Getaway Weekend". Hope you like yours. :)

Another set of 4 limited-edition Disney lenticular postcards goes to annabella*design. Congratulations, Aida!!! Your girls are going to love these!

A second custom-made lotus flower pin goes to themainebaby. Congratulations!! I hope you like yours too.

My third and last set of 4 limited-edition Disney lenticular postcards goes to butterflybaby25. Congratulations, Angela Hutchens!! You are going to love these!

A $10.00 gift certificate good toward any future MODKID boutique purchase goes to... pam@molliefearing. Congratulations, Pam! I will mail your certificate soon. Happy Shopping!

A $25.00 gift certificate good toward any future MODKID boutique purchase goes to... cocowee2005. Congratulations, Lauren! I will mail your certificate soon. Happy Shopping!

And, finally, the GRAND PRIZE winner of a custom made 2-piece original set by MODKID Boutique is....


YAY! Congratulations, Michelle!!! How exciting! I will be contacting you shortly for information regarding this custom-made set. I look forward to making this for you!

Thank you all again for your continued support. It has truly been the best year of my life. I have met some incredible people and had some amazing experiences. If I could I would reward each and every one of you for tagging along with me on this crazy, wild ride! :) As always, I will offer FREE shipping to anyone on my mailing list... it's the least I could do for putting up with my blabbering mouth for so long! LOL!

I will contact all of the winners shortly to get your mailing addresses and any other information needed. The gift certificates are actually printed, so you will receive those in the mail as well, with some little surprises! ;)

Thanks and good night, all!
Today is THE DAY!

MODKID Boutique's One Year Anniversary! WOOHOO! Thank you so much for all the wonderful email wishes... you are all so sweet and I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such a wonderful group of women.

Part of me can't believe it's been a year already (seems like just yesterday I listed my first boutique set on eBay!), but part of me feels like we've been at this forever. Maybe it's because this "business" was really a long time in the making. My mom & I had been designing & making clothes for my girls for quite a while and had even made some for other people and we talked for a while about doing this "professionally" but it wasn't until last year around this time that we decided to "take the plunge." I came up with the name, the logo and a shell of a website before we even had any work to show. I sketched out a few prototype designs and flew to FL in early May to discuss them with my mom. And 3 weeks later, we had 4 custom auctions up on eBay. 3 of them sold, so we were pretty proud of ourselves. And here we are now...

As I announced before, the contest is TODAY! You can enter until 12 noon eBay time (so in about 2 hrs.) and then we will tally the entries! You can enter by either signing up for my mailing list or placing a bid on my auction.

This event will involve my whole family: I am putting Jon in charge of database because he is the nerdy, er, tech-savvy, one and Sophie & Sydney will draw names this afternoon. I will blog the whole thing tonight. Each winner will be announced on a separate blog entry (yes, I'm probably over-complicating the whole thing, but that's ME!) LOL!

So, I'll see you all tonight! GOOD LUCK! :)
Pura Vida!

I have been tagged yet again by Crystal (so*euro) and Kirsten (winipoo) to tell all about my hometown. So, rather than bore you all with fact after boring fact about my current town, I thought it would be more fun to tell you about the place where I spent my whole childhood... my real hometown and also the inspiration for my current line of children's boutique clothing: Costa Rica.

Costa Rica (literally "Rich Coast") is a country in Central America, bordered by Nicaragua to the north, Panama to the south-southeast, the Pacific Ocean to the west and south, and the Caribbean Sea to the east. (it's that little red one shaped like a crab!)

Costa Rica was the first country in the world to constitutionally abolish its army. Costa Rica is a democratic republic with a strong constitution. It is one of the most stable countries in Latin America. Costa Rica has avoided the violence that has plagued Central America; it is seen as an example of political stability in the region.

In Costa Rica there are 112 volcanic formations. They belong to the so called Pacific Rim of Fire. Seven of them are considered as active ones. Their activity is connected with fertile soils, which cover the majority of Costa Rica's territory. Their sudden eruptions have caused huge destructions in past years. The highest volcano in Costa Rica is Irazu, the most active is Arenal and Poas has the second widest crater in the world. (diameter 1,5 kilometres).

The literacy rate in Costa Rica is of 96% (CIA World Factbook, February 2007), one of the highest in Latin America. Elementary and high schools are found throughout the country in practically every community. Universal public education is guaranteed in the Constitution. Primary education is obligatory, and both preschool and high school are free. There are both state and private universities.

Costa Ricans often refer to themselves as tico (masculine) or tica (feminine). The tico ideal is that of a very friendly, helpful, laid back, unhurried, educated and environmentally aware people. Visitors from the United States are often referred to as gringos, which is virtually always congenial in nature. The phrase "Pura Vida" (literally "Pure Life") is a ubiquitous motto in Costa Rica. It encapsulates the pervading ideology of living in peace in a calm, unclustered manner, appreciating a life surrounded by nature and family and friends.

Costa Rican traditions and culture tend to retain a strong degree of Spanish influence. Their spoken accent is rather different than its Central American counterparts. "-ito" or "-ita" are added to many words to make them sound more polite and courteous.

In my search for beautiful pictures to share with you, I ran across this guy's site. OMG, I was blown away by the photography... this guy is a true pro. So rather than stealing a bunch of his pics, I will just send you there. Have fun browsing Deep Green Photography!

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of "my hometown". It is really a gorgeous country to visit if any of you are ever inclined to take an exotic vacation. My family and I are talking about heading down there for a visit next Summer.

Now, I have to tag someone. So to keep the "international flavor" going a bit longer, I will tag my friend Aida (Annabella Designs). Can't wait to hear more about Denmark! :)

Sources: Wikipedia, Kostaryka, Deep Green Photography
Pint-Sized Couture

I loved this dress the first time I made it... in a size 5/6. But after the buyer who won the auction requested it in a size 18-months, I fell in love with it all over again! Everything is miniaturized as if by magic: the skirt tiers are skinnier, the flower pin is smaller and I even used a miniature version of the crochet lace for the bottom trim. I guess small things just look cuter, huh? That must be why my auctions that show the sample set in size 2T always sell better than the ones with the bigger sample. Hmmm...

So, anyway, I still have this adorable size 4/5/6T dress (the one on the right) available in case anyone is interested. The other one shipped today to my sweet customer. I might put together a little "blog sale" soon and try to unload some samples... FREE shipping to anyone who orders off my blog! :)

**UPDATE!** The 5/6T dress is sold! Thank you all for the email inquiries about it. It was first come-first serve. But you all have definitely motivated me to get a "blog-sale" going here pretty soon! I love to save on ebay fees and if I can pass on those savings to you by offering FREE shipping, everyone wins! Thanks again! :)
Sophie's World

Sophie: I want to go, NOW! Come on. Let's go! NOW. NOW. NOW. I want to go, NOW!!!!

Me: You better calm your little butt down!

Sophie: But my butt's not talking.
Just Listed! Third and last...

... design from The Costa Rica Collection (at least, I think so). I am moving on to some new projects with new fabrics, but I thought I would squeeze in one last design from this collection. Lots of you have said how much you like the vibrant colors and fun designs from this line so I thought I would offer one more before I retire it. And if I shall say so myself, I think the collection is making a big splash on it's way out! But again, my latest design is always my favorite! ;)

I love this design... I sort of dreamt it up and it turned out exactly as it looked in my dream. It has a clever little bodice with two inset shirred panels... love this look because it means that it will grow with you child! As she gets older & taller this dress can be used as a top with a cool pair of jeans or capris underneath. I have included a sweet shirred peasant top as part of this set that can also be worn alone with a pair of pants. And the whole set is topped off with a coordinating skinny head band and a removable hair flower ... wear the head band alone or the flower barrette alone for a different look. Or wear them together as Sydney does in these pictures. Such a fun set!

The best part: it is a custom auction! I will recreate this one time only in any size between 18 Month and 5T.

This auction can be found here.

Oh, and don't forget that each bid placed on one of my auctions until May 20th will give you 2 extra entries into the Anniversary Drawing. I have added more prizes so there will be lots of chances to take home some fun stuff... more on that later! ;)


A week or so ago, I was browsing through Michelle's blog and I came across this post. I won't lie to you, my jaw dropped and I began drooling. I followed the link to see what other styles they had and I stopped clicking when I saw this one. It just so happened that Jon came home right when I had this gorgeous bracelet on my screen. "What are you looking at?" And I said jokingly, "My birthday present!"

Well, I never in a million years would have guessed that he took me seriously! I mean, what kind of ROI is he gonna get out of this gift?!? (If you read my previous post, you know what this comment refers to) LOL!

I am floating right now... I just keep staring at it, so I wanted to share with you guys...

Isn't it gorgeous?!? Thanks, hunny! I LOVE YOU!!! (not that you'll ever read this... LOL!)
Happy Days

Every year around this time I get showered with gifts and attention, because it is not only Mother's Day, but also my birthday. I was born on May 15th so if it doesn't fall right ON Mother's Day, it is usually 1 or 2 days after. This year was no different. Sunday was a treat for me... super relaxing! I got served breakfast in bed. Then got to open some great gifts from the family and Jon took care of all the "mommy chores": diaper changing, feeding the kids, cleaning the house, etc. I got to sit around, take naps, talk on the phone & surf the web. Of course, I also did one of my favorite activities: take pictures! First, I photographed these gorgeous pink tulips that I bought for myself. LOL! Yes, I buy my own flowers. Don't get me wrong -- Jon is a very generous gift-giver but he is all about practical gifts... he prefers to spend his money on things where he can see a return on investment (ROI), like a new lens for my digital SLR or a new sewing machine. Hey, I'm not complaining! ;)

I also had a blast watching the girls frolic around in their little kiddie pool. These kids are so easily amused! It was finally warm enough for them to do this so we took advantage. I love this picture because they are both standing in almost the exact pose in anticipation of a big water stream coming from their daddy's hose...

WHOOSH! Sophie got it on the head as Sydney screams in excitement...

It's just too fun to splash Sophie...

But Sydney got her turn too...

It was the perfect Mother's Day! Sunny skies. Sweet family. Beautiful scenery. Relaxing day. Now, I am waiting in anticipation because Jon said he would take a late lunch break and come home so he could give me my special birthday gift... I can't wait to see what it is! He usually doesn't get this excited about things. hmmmmm...
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