Introducing... Penelope Plus!

Thank you all for the super positive reception of Naomi and the new Kyoko Tweens' and Misses' patterns. I am giddy with excitement about this new line-up! Last pattern reveal, but certainly not least, is Penelope Plus. We get A TON of requests for Women's Plus-Size patterns and when Kathy Miller did a quilt shop tour back in the Summer, she found out that this was the most requested pattern, so I knew it was a must!


Penelope Plus
comes in sizes 1X (16-18), 2X (20-22) and 3X (24-26) and 6 different versions so you can have a different look for each day of the week. :) See more detailed sizing info and fabric requirements on the site.


Here are a couple of my favorite photos from the cover shoot with my beautiful model, Felicia. She is wearing View C in Aromatherapy Berry with Zen Garden Ocean for the neck band and ruffle.




A million thanks to my pattern testers, Carrie Siegel and Jenni Alexander for the wonderful feedback!

For that perfect “Just Like Me” look, check out our girl’s Penny pattern (sizes 2T - 10 girls) and our Misses’ Penelope pattern (sizes XS - XL), sold separately.

Again, these are just sneak peeks. The patterns will be in stock at the beginning of May. Retailers, you can pre-order all new patterns NOW on our website. Log-in with your user name & password and happy shopping! :)
Introducing... Kyoko Tweens' and Kyoko Misses'

This is the moment you've all been waiting for! Seriously, if I had a dollar for every email, tweet, FaceBook comment and random request I get for offering Kyoko in larger sizes... well, I could finally pay for someone to come over and tackle the huge piles of laundry that are slowly taking over my house and planning a coup... but I digress. Kyoko has always been our best selling sewing pattern and by far our most requested one to be offered in tweens, teens and women's sizes. So here ya go... your wish is my command!

First off, Kyoko Tweens'... it comes in sizes 8 - 14 and can be sewn with woven or knit fabrics! A million thanks to my cover models, Karli (age 12) and Sophie (age 9) for the beautiful photo.



And a million thanks to my pattern testers, Marie Villa and Gabriela Marrosu for all your helpful feedback and wonderful photos.

The woven version looks just like our original Kyoko, with the stripwork skirt and bias trim, but has added elastic around the empire waist to cinch it in when it's not worn with the Obi.


The knit version has a solid skirt panel, instead of a stripwork skirt, to minimize the thickness of the seams, and uses stretch neck and sleeve bands instead of bias tape.


Our women's version, Kyoko Misses', comes in a super wide range of sizes... XS to XXL!



And just like the Tweens' version of this pattern, it can be made with woven or knits, as you prefer. The shirt version looks so cute and comfy with a pair of jeans... doesn't it?



I had a TON of testers for this pattern because I wanted it to be perfect and believe me... they gave me a run for my money! haha I so appreciate all their input, photos and hard work to get this pattern sized and working perfectly! So, a million thanks, with hugs & kisses thrown in, to Marie Villa, Kristen McVane, Melanie O'Brien, Laura Westwood and Mary Abreu. I seriously couldn't have done this without all of you!!

Read Melanie's review of the pattern here.

How 'bout some tester photos?!





And I totally *heart* this one showing the Misses' and Tweens' version together! Thanks, Marie! You rock!!


So, there ya have it! Let me know what you think. Sizing charts and fabric requirements are on the site and everything is broken down by components as you've all requested.

PHEW! Can I sleep now? Ohhh, nope, I still have 1 more pattern reveal (coming tomorrow) plus new fabric reveal next week and some new products to share! Stay tuned...

Retailers: you can pre-order the new patterns on our website now.
Let the Sneak Peeks begin!
Introducing.... NAOMI!


Naomi is the quintessential “beach dress”... casual, lightweight, comfortable and oh, so adorable! It features “shabby chic” raw-edge braided straps, a sweet ruffled hem, a cute little patch pocket with ruffled edges and a soft and comfy shirred back. Perfect for a seaside wedding, a family picnic or a casual trip to the farmer’s market, Naomi can be made in dress length or shirt length to suit your child’s needs. Mix and match your favorite fabric prints for a whimsical look.

Naomi comes in sizes 2T - 10 (girls) and is designed to be sewn with woven fabrics 44"/45" wide, like quilting weight cottons, shirtings, voiles, gauzes, lawns, linens and muslins.


You may remember my Hilton Head photos from a couple weeks back... the girls had such a fun time playing at the beach!

Sydney sported the dress version in size 6...


And Sophie wore the shirt version of NAOMI in size 10.

The raw-edge braided straps give this dress that sweet "shabby chic" look. Before we had a name for it, we all called it the "Sun Goddess" dress! haha


Now, how about some gorgeous inspiration images courtesy of my amazing pattern testers, Melissa Baker and Gina Neitzel?







Aren't they adorable?!? I know I always go overboard with pictures here but you guys don't mind, do you?

*** NOTE: This is just a sneak-peek!
Naomi (and all the other Spring 2011 sewing patterns
) will be available for purchase at the beginning of May. Retailers, you should have already received a pre-order e-newsletter this morning, but if you are not on our mailing list, please email to be added right away. ***

Stay tuned as many, many more reveals are on their way!!
Vintage Findings for MODKID HQ

First of all, I have a couple copies of Quilter's Home magazine going out to these two randomly selected winners:

#10 - Erin Stewart Hill said... I can't wait for the book to be out. Congratulations! And, thanks for the giveaway!

#26 - Kymmie said... CAN'T WAIT to read!!! Am very excited for you!

CONGRATS, ladies!! Please email your mailing addresses to and we'll get these mags in the mail to you right away. And thank you to all who entered and commented.

We've been working day & night trying to get MODKID HQ all set up, but of course, work keeps getting in the way (not complaining here!). The other day as I was walking around downtown I came across Neighborhood Thrift unloading a truck full of Mid-Century Modern furniture they had acquired that day from an estate sale. I could've fully furnished MODKID HQ (and my home) in these things since I love, love, love Mid-Century style, but I had to be selective. Here are a few things I picked up...

This awesome chair and matching ottoman!!! Oh, I love it so much!


Here's a view from the other side. We also bought that super Mod side table cause it seemed like they all wanted to play together so well. ;)


I picked up this 1950's solid wood frame full-length mirror to use in one of my dressing rooms. Love the simplicity of the frame.


And, yes, this vintage Singer is definitely NOT Mid-Century (more like turn of the century!) but I had to get it because it was $5.00 (yes, FIVE DOLLARS!) I about passed out when I saw the price tag. Anyone know how to find out the year on these things? I've looked everywhere on it. By the way, you will see this beauty pop up in lots of new catalog photography (and in the book!) It makes such an awesome photo prop. :)


The last couple of weeks at MODKID HQ have looked a little like this...


And this...


And this...


Yes, folks, those are all pattern boxes!


We definitely have our work cut out for us. But, it's oh, so much fun!!!

Stay tuned in the next few days as the BIG REVEALS start to pop up here on the blog. We have 4 new Spring 2011 sewing patterns to reveal, as well as the new Spring fabric collection and some exciting new products that I promise will not disappoint!!! I know, I know... patience, my dear! I'm workin' on it...

Maggots, giant roaches and eggplant
***UPDATE: My comp copies are here! I'll give 2 copies away... leave a comment to be entered!***

When I started seeing these topics being discussed in my twitter feed I knew there could only be one reason... the April-May 2011 issue of Quilter's Home magazine -- featuring a very candid interview with yours truly -- is finally out in news stands!


I won't spoil the surprise, you're just gonna have to go out and get one. My comp copies haven't come in yet, so I ran out to my local B&N and found it. Since I didn't have anyone with me, I had to brag to the guy at the check out counter... haha... he was just a little confused to say the least.

Here's a sneak peek. I'm on page 80.


And since I'm in a great mood (despite my recent phone troubles) I'll share my other good news: I finished my book! WAHOO!!! It's on the way to the publisher as I write this!!! I've already seen a fabulous preliminary design pass and let me just tell you, those creative folks at Wiley Publishing ROCK! Now it goes into editing and testing, then printing, so we should be seeing it in news stands within 10 - 12 months. Then I'll really have something to brag about with the check out guy at B&N. ;)

***UPDATE: My comp copies are here! I'll give 2 copies away... leave a comment to be entered!***
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